Scarves with ITZAS animated demonstrations

I’ve been having a go at making animated sequences in Photoshop and it is more difficult than you might think. I’ve not yet got beyond the first teetering baby steps of animation (and I can see that there is huge room for improvement) but I’m pleased with myself in the way that only someone who has wrestled with a bit of software until 2am, ignoring all calls to bed, and finally got it published to another bit of  intractible software (yes, WordPress, I’m talking about you) can be and, lo and behold, IT MOVES! so here it is…………… Oh yes, if you’ve taken the time to read this sleep deprived drivel you will have missed the animation so you will have to click on the image again if you want to see it move. Nighty night x

DSC_8288The Liberty of London scarf  above is styled with a hidden ITZAS magnetic keeper that holds it in place without the need for knots. The ends of the scarf are clipped together underneath the visible layer and the great thing is that the magnetic brooch will never damage the fabric of the scarf. See ITZAS magnetic brooches here To see the animation again just click the image.

ViNbScarfAnimationThis is a lovely Nicole de Beauvoir silk scarf with a colourful Zodiac design that has been teamed with a selection of colour pop Big ITZAS.

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