Jeepers peepers its ITZAS Keepers

I’d like to tell you about ITZAS scarf keepers, the latest addition to the ITZAS magnetic brooch family.

If you are a collector of silk scarves you will want them to be in great condition and one of the worst defects of vintage scarves is pinholes caused by a pin brooch. Once the damage is done there is not much you can do about it, but to avoid making holes in scarves in the first place there are a couple of things you can use instead of or in addition to the humble knot:
One is a scarf ring and there are various designs. Choose one that is smooth with no rough or snaggy bits and preferably one that is not too heavy or it may gradually slip off the scarf while you are wearing it. A scarf ring can look great in a colour that contrasts with the scarf.

Another alternative is a magnetic brooch that holds the fabric firmly in place between two powerful magnets. While the larger ITZAS magnetic brooches can be bold and decorative the new ITZAS scarf keepers are small and discrete but have equally powerful magnets as their larger siblings. I like to have a black silk one always to hand mainly because I often wear black as a base colour so it integrates with everything I wear and can pull together different elements of an outfit. Actually, looks just like a black button so it can be used as an accent to draw the eye and either create or break the symmetry of an outfit.

I sometimes fix a scarf in place with just the keeper or I use it to fix a loose knot if the scarf is of slippy silk. The keepers weigh very little so they don’t drag on lightweight fabrics and they never ever snag your scarves or make nasty pinholes. Shop for ITZAS magnetic keepers and colour pops here.

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